Annual Meeting and More!

Well it is me again and it is Labor Day weekend. The annual meeting is this Saturday Sept. 9th at Lamoille Union High School, 736 VT Route 15 , Hyde Park, VT 05655. The registration starts at 8:00 AM, lunch is at 11:00 AM and the meeting starts at 1:00 PM. Dave and I am going and we have room for more if people want to go with us. The club pays for the lunch. I will post later the time and place where we will be leaving from, it will be an early start. It is VAST,s 50th annual meeting, that is impressive!

Our first meeting for the season will be on Sept 12th, at 7:00 PM at the Southside on Main Street in Rutland. We have several projects in the works to talk about. Hope to see you there!

Dad has been out doing his cutterbar work like he does every year. I went two days and cut as much of the over hanging things as I could and still stay close to Dad and the tractor. While out there we found some pretty substantial erosion that we will have to repair.

If any one has any questions about any thing please call me if you want @ 775-3406 or 779-5228. Thank you.