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New Photos on SmugMug

They are usually uploaded anonymously and so it is this time with photos showing riders very happy to be on the snow. It doesn’t have to be that way. Photographers can identify themselves and their subjects in the comments below the photos or just comment and stay anonymous. A few words to describe your photos can make them even more interesting. I’ve created a new gallery called 2017-2018 Season where these few photos could use some company. Upload at will with our upload link found here, on SmugMug and elsewhere on this site. It’s easy and the club pays for our SmugMug photo sharing site with your dues so you might as well get some use out of it! Here’s a sample. read more

Sno-Birds Groomer in New Hampshire?

Shrewsbury Groomer

Stratford, NH?

I found this on VAST’s Facebook page labeled as Stratford, New Hampshire. It looks like Roy and the name on the door pretty much confirms it but why Stratford?

Maybe someone can clear this up. In any event, I just wanted to share this shot with you in case you missed it on Facebook.

Sno-Birds on Twitter

I just signed us up for a Twitter account. If you use twitter, please follow us and you’ll have links to our blog posts on twitter. Here is the link: twitter.com/snobirds. It seems fortunate that such a short handle as SnoBirds was waiting for us to grab up! You’ll see the new photo of Roy and the groomer. Oh sorry Roy, you and the groomer were mostly cropped off so just the grippy rubber tracks are left as a banner for our Twitter page. Find the originals on SmugMug. This image links there. read more

A Nice April Shot of 4 Sleds at the Stone House

4 Sleds and the Stone House


An anonymous person uploaded this great shot of the Stone House to our SmugMug site. We ask the photographer to use the comments under the photo to add some details to describe the photo. It looks like the end of a cloudy day but I’m only guessing.

Let this photo inspire you to upload your own photos from this past year. Also, some time ago, Roy sent out an invitation to upload any old time shots of snowmobiling you may have to go in the Photos from Years Past gallery. Now that you’ve put away your sled for the season, we hope you may have a chance to scan some of your favorites showing off sleds from a earlier time. So far the gallery only has shots of earlier grooming equipment. It really needs some sled shots. read more

Traction Bars

Doug Todd from the Dammers stopped by and showed me the traction bars they purchased for their Tucker. They look like they really should work for icy and just other steep climbing issues. This is a new development for traction issues for the rubber track Tuckers. You put 5 on each front track as needed and take them off when not needed. The rubber tracks stick up higher than the steel so the only thing that is in contact with the ground is the carbide studs, from what I hear it will really climb then. There are several tuckers now that are using them. Doug is going to let me know what he thinks after this weekend as he will put them to the test. If he likes them I would like to get a set for our Tucker. They are $2500.00 but if they work they are worth it! They would give Dad and I piece of mind that even if we are out grooming alone we will make the hills. Sorry the photos are fuzzy! We will be out grooming tomorrow early. I will post how they are after we get back. Ride Safely and Ride Right! Roy. read more

View from the Cab – Video

Roy, pulling out cable

Roy, pulling out the winch cable and selecting a tree.

I shortended this video down to a resonable length. It starts out just after Roy completed our first impassable icy hill by winching the Tucker and the nearly 2 ton grooming drag up the hill using trees for anchors. He did this first one in one or two pulls without much help from me. Little did we know what was in store on a hill Roy called Jockey. If you haven’t read his post, here’s a link to it. Anyway with the winch job behind us Roy hit the next hill with a little more speed and made it over which is right where the video starts. You get to see some drifting but there were much bigger ones where Roy used the front blade to cuff off the tops making the drag’s job a little easier. When the video ends, Roy groomed over the same loop in the opposite direction and was happy to smooth out the mess left by winching the hill. As for the other hills we winched, it just wasn’t possible or safe to groom the trail in the opposite direction so we left the icy mess behind which I know bugs Roy, being obsessed with smooth like he is. :) read more