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ATV Tracks on 407

“Looks like they rode from Wheelerville over to the shelter and back.”


Roy has already reported this damage in the last trail report. For those who haven’t see it on Facebook, here are the photos posted by Douglas. They link to the “Vehicles on Sno-Birds Trails” gallery where we collect images of these violations.

Quoting Douglas from what he wrote on Facebook about these photos follows.

Came across this today while out for a ride. They pretty much trashed all of 407 and parts of 4&7. Looks like they rode from Wheelerville over to the shelter and back. Spotted one of them on 407 and tried to stop him but I guess he didn’t want to talk! It’s to bad because 407 was still really nice on the 1st. read more

Sno-Birds Groomer in New Hampshire?

Shrewsbury Groomer

Stratford, NH?

I found this on VAST’s Facebook page labeled as Stratford, New Hampshire. It looks like Roy and the name on the door pretty much confirms it but why Stratford?

Maybe someone can clear this up. In any event, I just wanted to share this shot with you in case you missed it on Facebook.

One Hundred Facebook Likes!


A big thank you to Mike Desjardins for being the 100th person to like our Facebook page! Thank you to everyone else who has liked our page as well! Also while visiting Mike’s Facebook page I found the video: Two Arctic Cat’s crashing very hard into each other and have included it below. Be sure to read what Kyle Holloway, best friend to one of the crashed riders, has to say in the comments. It is an interesting back story. Kyle and his friends were trying to be careful with newbie riders! read more

Now We Have Our Own facebook Page

facebook envelope
facebook envelope

Please spread the word among your facebook friends. Here’s the link to share: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shrewsbury-Sno-Birds/525180897496710

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