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Trail Report February 19, 2020

Dad and Ray were out grooming up our trails today. It was a nice sunny day so I hope they had a good time while they were making  the trails nice for everyone! If Dad has any things to add to this tomorrow I will post it. Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Trail Report February 15, 2020

I was out grooming the trails yesterday afternoon and most of last night. There several trees down, nothing really big but some I did have to cut. I also did some hand filling of some areas. If any one is on 407 be on the lookout for a long roof rake handle. I think it …

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Trail Report February 9,2020

I was out grooming yesterday and last night. I groomed everything, the only trails I did not go both ways on were the trails to the groomer shed because I developed a steering fluid leak so I had to get it back to the groomer shed.  I am headed back up to diagnose the issue …

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Truck on the trail update.

Dad and I went back out and got the truck out. Every thing went well, we put gas in it and it started! Kyle said the battery was not dead and he was correct. It must shut things down if the engine quits. Every thing went well and we did no damage to it. Once …

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Truck on trail update.

On Saturday Dad and I were looking for a truck on our trail some where. When we could not find it we called the person back to tell him. That is when we found out that it had been out there for over a week so that is why we did not see any tracks. …

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Trail Report February 3, 2020

Dad and I were out on Saturday grooming and looking for a truck on our trails somewhere. We found it in the late afternoon. It is still there and I will get more into it in a later post. On Sunday Dad and I went and picked up the drag and groomed all of the …

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Trail Report January 19,2020

I was out walking on some of our trails this morning and found 4 to 5 inches of total snow depth from all the storms left on our trails. These were trails in the Mendon area. There is some ice under the snow especially in the flat areas out of the Notch Road Parking Lot. …

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Snow Totals?

Mom and Dad said at the groomer shed there was only 2″ at the most. Did any one else get more than that? I do not see that we can go out with the Tucker with that little of snow but if any one else sees more snow let me know. I do not see …

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Trail Work Update

Within the last two weeks all of our trails have been cleared of trees. Scott Ryan  checked 4&7 from RD 16 to RD 650 and 407 from RD 650 to RD 16. Chuck Loso and I went over everything South and East of there to RD 67 and both trails to the Groomer Shed. Lastly …

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Trail Report 1/9/2020

I plowed the Notch Parking Lot this morning. I removed the lock from the gate but did not remove the bar. If some one wants to ride remove the bar at that time. If no one rides out of there it looks locked at first glance and it might keep the trucks out. Lets hope …

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