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Trails are closed today, March 25, 2020.

VAST has informed us to close all trails. Hope to see you this summer for help with  trail work. I hope every one had some good times out on our trails this winter. It was one of our more challenging seasons to keep the trails up. We did the best we could with what mother …

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Snow total March 23, 2020

I heard that there is approx. 6″ of snow around the groomer shed area. Some spots are thinner because the wind was blowing. I am leaving the VAST web site as the trails are closed because there are gates closed but there is limited riding. 407 has 3 gates closed and the snow is thinner …

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Trail Report March 14, 2020

Well after the rains and warm temps I do not recommend trying to ride out of the Groomer Shed Parking Lot. Also the gates on the CCC Road are closed on each end, along with the gate at McLaughlin Falls area on 407. The other two on 407 are going to be closed next week …

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Trail Report March 9, 2020

I went up to the Notch Parking Lot and closed the gate  tonight. I was told that there are bare areas and the trail might start being used by wheel traffic due to the lack of snow in the area. The state does want to have us start closing the gates, but as long as …

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Snow Totals

It looks like we all received around 1″ of snow, I measured in Wheelerville and talked with Mom and that is what she said they had up there. At this time I decided not to go out grooming as I do not think that it will do much good. It might also break open some …

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Trail Report March 1, 2020

Dad and I replaced the winch cable on Friday and then went out and groomed the Upper Trails. I went back out late yesterday afternoon and groomed the rest of 4&7 and 407 to the red gate gust past RD 651 due to the low snow conditions in that area. I did not want to …

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Trail Report February 26, 2020

Dad and his sister Alberta were out grooming yesterday. There are some ice issues starting to show up. We will have to see what this next storm brings. We need colder temps again! Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Trail Report February 22, 2020

I was out grooming our trails last night. They are looking pretty nice at this time.  There are a few spots that there was no snow for the groomer to grab so there are a few bumps here and there . I am still hoping for some more snow. The next few days are going …

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Trail Report February 19, 2020

Dad and Ray were out grooming up our trails today. It was a nice sunny day so I hope they had a good time while they were making  the trails nice for everyone! If Dad has any things to add to this tomorrow I will post it. Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Trail Report February 15, 2020

I was out grooming the trails yesterday afternoon and most of last night. There several trees down, nothing really big but some I did have to cut. I also did some hand filling of some areas. If any one is on 407 be on the lookout for a long roof rake handle. I think it …

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