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Trail Report March 18, 2013

I went up to Wheelerville yesterday and they were still riding thru to Chittenden. There was not much snow by route 4 but there was still a good dusting. The trails looked flat as far as I could see. I hope no one put their sleds away because it looks like we have a good amount of snow coming this week! The season just keeps going in the upper elevations! Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Trail Report March 3, 2013

I was up in Wheelerville this morning and the trails look really good! But I was wondering what happened to one of our gates? It looks like someone could have been hurt! There were parts of a sled there, I picked them up as to not have garbage on the trail. If any one has any info on this please let us know! We hope that everyone is ok! Here are some photos. Ride Safely and Ride Right!!!

Trail Report February 16, 2013

4&7 Between the Wheelerville Road and Route 4 in Mendon

I drove up to the Snow Angel and the Wheelerville Road to see what things look like. They still have snow coverage with thin spots showing dirt mixed in but it is still very rideable. Every thing looks pretty flat. We are not grooming this weekend as to not over groom and bare up a lot of spots. We was out a couple of days ago so with the snow depth that we have things should stay good until the mid part of next week. We are hoping for a little snow to give us some thing to work with. If any one has any trail reports for us send them to us! Ride Safely and Ride Right! The photo is on 4&7 between the Wheelerville Road and Route 4 in Mendon. Roy. read more

Trail Report February 2, 2013?

I drove up to Wheelerville Road and looked at the road crossing areas and they looked better than I expected. They are still snow-covered, flat and very hard. There is a dusting on top this morning. Up by the Route 4 road crossing it looks more bare { less hard snow pack } with a dusting on it. If any one goes out riding any time please let us know so we can post trail conditions. We need snowmobilers to be eyes and report to us to help us be up to date on the trail conditions. The photo is in Wheelerville and you read more