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Sno-Birds on Twitter

I just signed us up for a Twitter account. If you use twitter, please follow us and you’ll have links to our blog posts on twitter. Here is the link: twitter.com/snobirds. It seems fortunate that such a short handle as SnoBirds was waiting for us to grab up! You’ll see the new photo of Roy …

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2013/2014 Website Stats

Website Traffic 2014

This graph shows website traffic in weeks from before the season until now. Website traffic seems to vary with the snow depth! The biggest web traffic week was the end of December where there was lots of anticipation and people checking trail reports. The snow got pretty thin in January with rain and web traffic dropped …

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Website Popularity Continues to Increase

Screenshot 2014-03-24 16.34.13Screenshot 2014-03-24 16.42.34 These tables show hits per month for the Shrewsbury Sno-Birds website as of today, March 24th. Though this month may not be as high as last year, the month isn’t over yet. …

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SmugMug Upgrade

SmugMug has upgraded their photo sharing site. The photos are bigger and use more of your screen. Try widening out your browser window to as wide as it will go. Nice improvement, right? Navigating the site is mostly the same. You should feel right at home going through the galleries. You can still leave comments …

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New Social Sharing Buttons

Screen Shot 2013-08-03 at 1.13.56 PMI’ve added  new social sharing buttons that stay out-of-the-way. They appear on the left margin of your browser window and stay positioned there even when you scroll the page down. These allow you to easily share a blog post you …

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Subscribers Restored

wordpress-logoThanks to a helpful engineer at WordPress, our subscribers have been restored. My previous post can be ignored about re-subscribing to the “subscribe via email” feature in our blog. Roy, your posts will again be broadcast to the 19 subscribers’ inboxes. Originally this post …

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To Subscribers Via Email…

Subscribe via email

For those who perviously were subscribed via email to receive new posts to the Sno-Birds blog, you will need to re-subscribe. Unfortunately we lost our mailing list so please use the handy “Subscribe Via Email” near the top of our blog pages to re-enter your email address. Also pass the word on to any of …

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Now We Have Our Own facebook Page

facebook envelope

facebook envelopePlease spread the word among your facebook friends. Here’s the link to share: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shrewsbury-Sno-Birds/525180897496710 Like our facebook page so you will get updates. We plan to have Trail Reports, News and Announcements posted on both …

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Weather Forecast Widget

I added a weather forecast widget to the bottom of the blog for a quick reference when you are planning a ride. While you are reading trail condition reports, you can check the weather in Shrewsbury on the same page. Snow Storm

The Logo Colors

I have seen a couple of versions of the logo. Could someone give me some feedback about the red and blue in this version and if look the way they should on screen? Does it look the same as the sticker?