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Trail Report December 2, 2013.

I am happy to let every one know that we should be ready to go as soon as the season opens if we have snow! It will be a very busy time as the muzzle loader season ends on that Sunday the 15th and the trails open on Monday the 16th. So it may take part of the week to get the rest of the signs out and the trails groomed up if the snow conditions are good enough.
Dave and JR Bove put out all the signs in Wheelerville and on Route 4 by the State Highway Garage and out the Falls Road which is our 407 trail.
Dave also finished the parking lot and groomer connector trail out of North Shrewsbury by installing the skidder plank bridge up by the Tin Shanty Road. I do believe that Angelo Tedesco helped him with that project. With that trail finished people parking at the parking lot will not have to do any road riding if they don’t want to. They can just cross the road and be on trails the rest of the way! The groomer will get better access also. I was also surprised to learn from our web guy that the parking lot is higher in elevation than the Chittenden Dam area, I did not know that!
Now everyone pray for SNOW !!!!! read more

Work Days Last Weekend

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We worked long days last weekend to try and finish the trail out of the groomer shed to the Tin Shanty Road. We finished the tread work, but still have to put in a skidder plank bridge and one culvert before the season. At noon on Sunday we were not sure that we would get it done, but before dark and as the excavators were running low on fuel we reached the place that we stopped the first day. That was 4 work days and pretty close to 40 hours later,the last 20 of that was with two excavators! We will get it done! Thanks to Dave and Jay young with their excavators, Gary, Dave Jensen who did some debrushing. They were long days and we all were tired but the end is in sight! The photo is Jay working on moving a BIG Rock he calls a piece of Vermont. That one took a few minutes! Click on the photo to see a larger view!!
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Work Days October 19 and 20, 2013.

Dave giving the tree a “little push”. Thank you Dave!

We will be working on the trail out of the groomer shed { Gary Arthur’s } on both Saturday and Sunday the 19TH and 20TH. We have Jay Young lined up with his excavator along with Dave Fucci and his excavator. We hope to make a lot of progress this weekend. We are looking for people to help with the debrushing and tree cutting, so if you have the time to help it would be great! This club project is greatly needed to extend the season for riders wanting to park in the parking lot at the groomer shed. We will be starting at 7:30 AM at Gary Arthur’s. If you can’t make it that early come when you can. Hope to see you there! read more

Trail Work Last Sunday

Yes we did work last Sunday! We started from the groomer shed an cut a lot trees and excavated the tread area for about 1/8 of a mile. We worked from 7:30 am to about 4:30 pm. We also had a track come off the excavator as the rain was coming down but we got that put back on, we will be better prepared next time. It was a wet time and photos were limited as we were busy and it was rainy. Thank you to Dave and his excavator, Mike, and Gary for the help getting this trail open. Oh by the way we did see some flakes of snow while we were out there, yes really! We are going to try to work again next weekend again on one of the days. A soon as I know I will post it. read more

Trail Work Sunday Oct. 6, 2013

The start of the trail off the Tin Shanty Road going to the groomer shed. Sept. 29, 2013.

We will be working on the trail out of the groomer shed, {Gary Arthur’s}, on Sunday starting at 7:30 am. This time we will start on this end of the trail, so we will meet at Gary’s. If you can’t be there that early come when you can as we will be working several hours,I’m guessing mid afternoon. The photo is the start of the trail on the Tin Shanty end.


Trail Work

We had 4 members at our last work session. Dave, Gary, Scott and myself  did some debrushing and installed a culvert above the Clemit Shelter on Corridors 4&7 and repaired a washed out culvert and removed a few trees that hindered our grooming efforts. We did also find out that there will not be any logging on the 407 bypass this year between 4&7 and the Bove Camp area. Check back later for this Sundays work session on debrushing. Contact me please if you can help so I can plan how best to use our resources. Thank you. read more

Trail Work

This last Sunday Dave, Gary and Angelo worked on 4&7 lowering and straightening the last sharp corner befor the red gate at bridge #24 on the Wheelerville Road. They also took some material up to Barry Bradley’s road  to repair where Irene had damaged it. Scott ,Ray and I did debrushing from Howe’s property to the red gate. Next Sunday we will be meeting at the clearing by the old Bove Camp at 8:00 am. We will be putting in a culvert above the Clemit Shelter and excavating on the Poczobut Road and debrushing . Hope to see you there. read more

Trail Work Sunday Sept. 23, 2012

This week we will be working in Wheelerville on corridors 4&7. We’ll be starting at 8:00 at Bridge 24 on the Wheelerville Road. That is where our trail crosses the bridge and road . Hope to see you there. I want to thank Scott, Ray, and Dave for their help this weekend as we were able to debrush the Black Swamp Road in one day! Without Dave’s excavator moving the trees and brush it would have been a lot longer job. If you have any questions contact me @ our email, or 775-3406 or 779-5228 or I almost forgot our new facebook page go on and like us today. read more

Work Dates

We will be doing trail work for the next 4 Sundays. This week we will be meeting at the Black Swamp Road – CCC Road  intersection @ 8:00 am. We are going to be debrushing. Hope to see you there if you can. There will be more info for the following weeks. If you have any questions call me at 775-3406 or 779-5228, email me or comment on this post.