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New Gallery on SmugMug

Mark Jankowski’s gift to Mom 2019

I added a new gallery which is toy groomers. This started when Mark Jankowski gave Mom and Dad a toy Tucker and Mom said it needs a drag to go with it. A few days went by and he showed up with ...  read more

New Photos on SmugMug

They are usually uploaded anonymously and so it is this time with photos showing riders very happy to be on the snow. It doesn’t have to be that way. Photographers can identify themselves and their subjects in the comments below the photos or just comment and stay anonymous. A few words to describe ...  read more

Sno-Birds on Instagram

Roy and I had a great meeting with Mike G, the new Sno-Bird Secretary last night. I was showing them the new integration with Instagram and Roy pointed out he wasn’t aware of Instagram on our site yet. That could be because I wasn’t clear enough in my first ...  read more

Introducing Instagram Integration


Screen shot of Instagram on iPhone.

The Shrewsbury Sno-Birds now have an Instagram account @snobirds. We would love to find a volunteer who knows Instagram to manage it (send ...  read more

Sno-Birds Website Reconnected with Facebook

December 15, 2014

December 15, 2014

Apologies to our Facebook followers. Our website has not been posting Roy’s news posts since last February. If this post makes it to Facebook, you can rest assured you will see all the new posts that Roy writes as we get closer to snow season. Make that be deep snow season!

Remember this?

This Photo Just Added

This photo was just uploaded to our SmugMug site and I’ve added it to “Member Uploads.” It appears that Sno-Birds can have fun even off the snow but I’m only guessing because there was no comment to provide any information! Please, anyone can add some more info in the ...  read more

Google Features Mobile Version

Mobile View of Google Search

Mobile View of Google Search

Google’s listing of our site now advertises that we have a mobile version thus encouraging folks viewing with a mobile device to view our site over one that hasn’t yet made a mobile version. This means not only is our site easier to view on smart phones but it is easier to find as well. ...  read more

Blog Posts Send Via Email – Test

I seem to have fixed the problem with the emailed posts not being sent out. Those who have subscribed may have received an old post via email. Check the date so you don’t get confused! I seem to have triggered the sending feature and the site started sending old posts in a queue before I could delete ...  read more

Snow Depth Map gets an upgrade

The National Weather Service has upgraded their Snow Depth Map to now include 12 different snow depth related maps so our Snow Depth Map link now takes you to their new page where you choose which map ...  read more

Using the Photo Uploader with Your Smart Phone

Mobile Version

The mobile vision of our website has been active for a while now and I haven’t heard any complaints.You’ll have to view it with a smart phone to see it. Tablets are big enough to view the regular site. This may be news to some but is not the big news. The big news it that it is now easier than ...  read more