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Security Upgrade

Due to recent internet attacks directed at WordPress sites, I have had to stiffen up security. This can have unfortunate effects on regular website viewers. If you experience trouble accessing the site, please drop us an email to the regular “Email Us” link detailing what happened. Thanks, ...  read more

Enthusiastic about Smooth Trails

I attended the club’s meeting on Tuesday and I have to say the club members are not just enthusiastic about snowmobiling but really make a concerted effort to make smooth trails. Starting with grading and maintaining the trails in off-season, acquiring the right grooming equipment and finishing ...  read more

Automatic Backup for this Blog

Not the most exciting news, but our WordPress data and files are created and stored only on our server so there is no backup if something should go wrong with the blog. Using an automatic backup plugin, we are making weekly backups to DropBox ...  read more

Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Trail Building

This is a Slide Show in movie format that has been uploaded to YouTube. No sound.