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Rutland City Winter Carnival


Dave Fucci heard that Rutland City was having a winter carnival. They wanted to put snow on Center Street and have sliding for anyone. Dave asked if we could spread the snow out with our Tucker. I told him we could but the snow that they were going to truck in would be too hard and icy for us ...  read more

Trail Report February 2, 2015

I was out grooming our trails on Saturday and Saturday night. I groomed all the upper trails, the CCC Road, 407, and 4&7 to RD 650, then the parking lot trail and was at McLaughlin Falls when I stopped to take a break. I always look things over, this time I found that the transfer case was leaking ...  read more

Traction Bars

Doug Todd from the Dammers stopped by and showed me the traction bars they purchased for their Tucker. They look like they really should work for icy and just other steep climbing issues. This is a new development for traction issues for the rubber track Tuckers. You put 5 on each front track ...  read more

First Grooming Photos

The above slide show is of the photos recently uploaded to our SmugMug site showing the packer attachment. I’ve included a lightened version of the photo to make the packer more visible. Click the slide show to see the gallery in SmugMug. Perhaps our TrailMaster will add some comments on how ...  read more