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New Photos on SmugMug

They are usually uploaded anonymously and so it is this time with photos showing riders very happy to be on the snow. It doesn’t have to be that way. Photographers can identify themselves and their subjects in the comments below the photos or just comment and stay anonymous. A few words to describe your photos can make them even more interesting. I’ve created a new gallery called 2017-2018 Season where these few photos could use some company. Upload at will with our upload link found here, on SmugMug and elsewhere on this site. It’s easy and the club pays for our SmugMug photo sharing site with your dues so you might as well get some use out of it! Here’s a sample. read more

Sno-Birds on Instagram

Roy and I had a great meeting with Mike G, the new Sno-Bird Secretary last night. I was showing them the new integration with Instagram and Roy pointed out he wasn’t aware of Instagram on our site yet. That could be because I wasn’t clear enough in my first post so I’ll try to point out how to use it. When you are looking at our website, you’ll notice a new link in favorites called Our Instagram Page.  It will take you to our page on Instagram which only has a few photos but most importantly it encourages Instagrammers to add the hashtag #shrewsburysnobirds to any of their photos from our territory. Hashtags are used to group things on the web. They always start with the pound sign which is followed by a word or phase with no spaces. If you are familiar with using tags to label digital documents, it is similar to that. They were originally meant to work in searches but their use has expanded tremendously. read more

Introducing Instagram Integration


Screen shot of Instagram on iPhone.

The Shrewsbury Sno-Birds now have an Instagram account @snobirds. We would love to find a volunteer who knows Instagram to manage it (send us an email if you are interested!) Right now you can add your photos to our new Instagram #shrewsburysnobirds hashtag page right here on this site. It works because Instagram posts with the #shrewsburysnobirds hashtag are linked to that page. If you find yourself posting a snowmobile pic on your Instagram account, just add our hashtag: #shrewsburysnobirds and it will appear on our linked page. It’s the same if you are looking at a friend’s Instagram photos and see one of the Stone House you can add your own comment with #shrewsburysnobirds and the photo will show up on our page. You can access that page anytime via the Photo Sharing button in our navigation bar. read more

Roy’s Pre-Thanksgiving Photos

I had a moment to talk with Roy and got him lined out on adding his photos. See the post where he mentioned them. He posted them to SmugMug and I want to call your attention to them as I’m sure we will be getting more snow soon and these will be only a faint memory. As far as early snow goes, this winter has been a good one. Dates on the shots are November 20th & 23rd. View the gallery on SmugMug and fill up your whole screen with them! read more

Don’t Delay!

Time is running out to get your Early Bird TMA. December 15TH is the last day to save! Remember my thoughts on your TMA, it is like buying insurance that the VAST Trails will be there to ride for years to come. That to me is cheap insurance for what the trails offer!

Here are photos I took last week in Shrewsbury, they received about 18″ of snow already. It is settling but there still is snow coverage to help with a strong base. I cleared of the groomer shed once already this year, that is more than all of last season. read more

Upper Cold River Road Covered Bridge Open!

Covered Bridge

Covered Bridge

Wonderful to have this back as it has been out since tropical storm Irene.

I just had my truck undercoated at Carrara’s Hot Oil Undercoating in Shrewsbury and learned that the Covered Bridge was open.

I presume knowing that the bridge is again open will be useful to someone accessing the trails in Shrewsbury or making the trip from there to Rutland. Just know there is a very steep hill that is one lane approaching the bridge from Shrewsbury.



This Photo Just Added

This photo was just uploaded to our SmugMug site and I’ve added it to “Member Uploads.” It appears that Sno-Birds can have fun even off the snow but I’m only guessing because there was no comment to provide any information! Please, anyone can add some more info in the comments where ever you see this picture. It would be nice to share with other Sno-Birds what’s up. Was this a meeting? read more

Last Day of Riding Photos by Douglas

Last ride of season by Douglas

April 15, 2015

Final Day of Season Photos

Riding was good to the end in Shrewsbury Sno-Birds’ high country. Several more photos taken on April 15th were submitted by Douglas. Be sure to read the comments Douglas has entered for his photos in SmugMug by clicking the cartoon balloon symbol to get the whole story. Douglas has uploaded enough photos so we could make his own gallery on our SmugMug. His photo above also links to his gallery on SmugMug. As a thank you to Douglas for sharing, we are featuring his photos in SmugMug’s new carousel display on our SmugMug homepage. Thank you, Douglas! read more

ATV Tracks on 407

“Looks like they rode from Wheelerville over to the shelter and back.”


Roy has already reported this damage in the last trail report. For those who haven’t see it on Facebook, here are the photos posted by Douglas. They link to the “Vehicles on Sno-Birds Trails” gallery where we collect images of these violations.

Quoting Douglas from what he wrote on Facebook about these photos follows.

Came across this today while out for a ride. They pretty much trashed all of 407 and parts of 4&7. Looks like they rode from Wheelerville over to the shelter and back. Spotted one of them on 407 and tried to stop him but I guess he didn’t want to talk! It’s to bad because 407 was still really nice on the 1st. read more

Sno-Birds Groomer in New Hampshire?

Shrewsbury Groomer

Stratford, NH?

I found this on VAST’s Facebook page labeled as Stratford, New Hampshire. It looks like Roy and the name on the door pretty much confirms it but why Stratford?

Maybe someone can clear this up. In any event, I just wanted to share this shot with you in case you missed it on Facebook.