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Decking is Complete

We finished the project today. Dave, Doc,, Scott R., Bill and his grand son and myself was there to complete the project. Every thing went as planed. We did not have to touch the water bars that the State was so concerned about so that is a good thing.

I am going to try and attach photos but our SmugMug page is still not up and running for me to transfer photos but you can see them there. Our web guy is working on it to make it easier for me to show you these things. read more

Attaching Bridge Timbers to I-Beams

Screws and washers attachment

I was wondering about how or if the bridge planks were attached to the I-beams and while browsing through another set of photos Roy has posted to SmugMug I found the answer in this photo. You have to zoom in a bit but you can see the screws and washers holding the planks down to the I-beams.

Click the photo to see it on our SmugMug site and while you are there you can check out the rest of the photos in this second gallery on the bridge building project. read more