Don’t Delay!

Time is running out to get your Early Bird TMA. December 15TH is the last day to save! Remember my thoughts on your TMA, it is like buying insurance that the VAST Trails will be there to ride for years to come. That to me is cheap insurance for what the trails offer!

Here are photos I took last week in Shrewsbury, they received about 18″ of snow already. It is settling but there still is snow coverage to help with a strong base. I cleared of the groomer shed once already this year, that is more than all of last season.

Also remember the VAST season starts December 16TH. We have to respect the hunters and not go out on the trails early. There has been some activity up by the Tin Shanty Road. If you get caught it is a sizeable fine. I know it is hard but we need to be patient

I guess I need patients also, I can not get the photos to get on our web site! I need to find some one smarter than me. When I figure it out I will post the photos, really I do have some!