Meeting and Trail Work Update October 13, 2015

We had 4 members help with the debrushing of the trails out of the groomer shed, RD69 to RD672. We were done in about 4 hours and every thing looks good there. The members that were there were Mike, Mark, Dad and I. Dad and I then went out corridors 4&7 to look at the water bars that the State put in earlier this fall. Some of them are pretty good but there are a few that are quite deep. We will need some good snow to fill them in and some of them do not have good outlets to release the water. It does look like they were trying to make more useable water bars for us but  they still are not quite what we want. We may have to make them work for this year and fix some of them next year. It is a time issue. Dave was out on Corridor 407 with his excavator repairing water bars and other issues, he went as far as the clearing where we get on the road system. Thank you to Dave and all the members that helped with Sundays work day. I will post later in the week what we are doing this weekend. One thing is we will need to dress warmer as there may be SNOW FLAKES FLYING!  Here are some of the water bars.

Our club meeting is tonight at the Southside restaurant on South Main St. in Rutland. It starts @ 7:00 PM. Hope to see you there!100_0731 100_0732 100_0733 100_0734 100_0735 100_0736 100_0737 100_0738 100_0739 100_0740 100_0741