Meeting Minutes – September 12, 2023


The regular meeting of the Shrewsbury Sno-Birds was called to order at 7PM on September 12, 2023 at Southside Steakhouse in Rutland by Mike Stewart.


Mike Stewart, President; David Fucci, Bill Lohsen, Scott Ryan, Scott Ballard, Directors; Mike Gabriele, Treasurer; Roy Arthur, Vice President/Trailmaster; Ray Messer, Member; Michele Taube, Secretary; Chip Taube & David Stevens, Guests

Approval of Agenda

  • Secretary report unanimously accepted & approved.
  • Treasurer’s report, little to no activity since last report

Old Business

  • Groomer tracks ordered, on way
  • Groomer maintenance all good
  • Fuel – 1/2 tank
  • GPS – new units coming
  • Trail storm damage-rough condition
  • 14 culverts need replacing
  • Trail 4&7 to be done first
  • Dave Update: moved rocks to GS camp
  • Rebuilt holes and washouts
  • McLaughlin Falls fixed
  • County Fundraiser 500 tickets @ $20

New Business

  • VAST Pass increase $10/per permit
  • VT Snowmobile registration-no sticker
  • Gary-VAST Groomer of the Year Award
  • Need maps on signs
  • Billboard on the Drag


Meeting was adjourned at 8:20PM by Mike Stewart. The next general meeting will be at 7PM on October 10 at Southside Steakhouse in Rutland.