Our First Year

wordpress-logo-32-blueWordPress is kind enough to supply us with a very decorative year-end statistics page they call an “Annual Report.” I hesitate to use this term because this annual report is worth seeing if not for learning the numbers, the graphics alone are strictly awesome! I’m talking about fireworks! One rocket sent up for each post made! Very cool graphics you don’t want to miss. Okay, our numbers really are not fireworks spectacular, but for our first year it is a good start and WordPress has granted us fireworks anyway. Check it out!
Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 5.06.50 PM 1

You can make our stats even better for 2013 by adding your 2¢ by writing in the comments found at the end of every blog post. Ride Sno-Bird territory regularly? Comment on Roy’s Trail Reports or email him to ask about posting your perspective on the trail conditions in our blog as a contributor. Be a part of YOUR club!