Photo Test #2

Copying and Sharing a Link from SmugMug

trail clearing

Though this image lives on SmugMug we can make it appear here using “get a link” on the SmugMug Share options. Cool right?


This business of sharing SmugMug photos is something anyone can do. You don’t have to be logged into SmugMug to see the Share options! You can share photos via email, text or blog. There are also options to share to your Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Embedding a Link (for bloggers)

The trouble with the image above is that it isn’t linked to a larger version but everyone wants to see more detail because this size doesn’t show any. So to continue this photo test, instead of using just “get a link” I’m adding an embeddable link found while viewing the same photo on SmugMug.

First you must find the share button. In the regular gallery format it is at the lower left of the large image but not all galleries use this format so look for the Screen Shot 2013-10-12 at 9.52.32 AM symbol. (This symbol has become a universal symbol for action and in the case of SmugMug the action is Share!) In other gallery formats, you may have to click an image to enlarge which reveals the share button. From there the directions are the same for every SmugMug photo.

This is the sequence of choices you make to get the photo I posted below: share>get a link>embeddable link>small>blogs>copy. Then you simply paste it into your blog. Just so you know, I pasted this right into the visual blog editing area of a WordPress, not in the code editing area and it worked fine.

Here’s the image and you’ll see it is linked to the the larger version in SmugMug.

Trail Access