Photos of Snowmobiling Wanted!


Clemit Shelter 2011

Please support your club and upload!

Here we are, a snowmobiling club web site with almost no photos of snowmobiles! Hard to believe, but true. Dave has uploaded some great ones (right), enough so we made his own gallery.

Please upload full size photos. (Link for more instructions at the end.) This way when they are viewed in full screen mode they will fill the entire screen. This is an impressive way to view photos on SmugMug! After you have uploaded your favorite shots, send us an email so we will know they are there. If you don’t, you will have to wait until we discover them and move them to a gallery visible in our SmugMug site. Once you see them there, you can add comments to tell the story behind the picture and who is in it. Enjoy! Our SumgMug subscription is paid for with funds from membership fees so go ahead and make the most of it! Upload! Share!

Instructions to upload your photos can be found on our photos info page where you will find our handy upload link.

Groomer Rear View

Nothin’ but Tail Lights