Snow coming?

I just wanted to give every one the info on the CCC Road :

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Hello Roy

Lesley passed on that you are looking for information on the CCC road.

The CCC road is OPEN for VAST from the Russell Hill Gate to the Black Swamp Gate.

The CCC road is CLOSED for VAST from the Black Swamp Gate to Route 100.

Hopefully the tree work will be done soon (won’t be before the storm).

Also, there is a chance that the CCC Road will be plowed for log truck access from Russell Hill to below the Black Swamp Gate at some point this winter. We will give you a heads up as things develop.

Hopefully we get lots of snow!


I do not know what is taking so long but as you can see if we get snow it will not be open this weekend. Hopefully we will get some snow so there will be some riding, ride with caution as we lost pretty much every thing so we are starting over again. It is going to take time to get the trails nice and smooth and every water bar filled. Watch for the trails getting opened on the VAST web site and on our trail report blog. At this time they are still closed.

If any one feels that there is enough snow to go let me know and I will get them opened.

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