Snow on Monday?

The forecasts are all different so I do not know what we will get. If we get enough I plan on going out on Wednesday to see what we can do. It will be an all day trip, if anyone wants to go with me let me know. If you can not go all day plan where I can let you out so you can be picked up. At least the temps are going to be better mid week. I do not think we are getting above 0 today. With the winds we have had and are going to get on Monday we may have more trees down.

I tested the pump in the big fuel tank on Wednesday when I was up straightening and supporting the groomer shed with the help from Dad and my brother Ed and it did not work. So I got an estimate on replacing the pump. We have and Beardsley’s have worked on it and it is just not dependable. I am waiting on an ok from the club to replace it. Dad did go out on Friday in the freezing temps and got it going again, how long it will last is your guess. I will wait for the ok and hope when we need fuel it pumps. The Tucker is full at this time.

I do hope we get enough snow as we are on week #6 of a 16 week season. Our average is 11.8 weeks which we will not get this year. If any one goes out before Wednesday if we get the snow let me know what you see. There may be ice areas so be careful and we would like to know this info ahead of time.