Snow totals for November 27, 2018!

I would love to be out in the snow but I have to work. Here at the shop we have about 6 inches. I would like to hear what everyone else has! Photos are great also.

I just received an email from Matt at VAST. He said that we can start clearing trails and putting up signs with the Tucker starting Dec. 10th instead of the 14th.  We have to get past the muzzle loader season. That may make it a busy week after the wind and snow we have received. I will be looking for riders to help. Let me know if any one is up for some work! Remember we have not got to winter yet, that is 3+ weeks away.

There is more snow coming tomorrow and later in the week. It is looking like we may have a great season. Remember to get your early bird TMA before Dec 15th!