Thank you volunteers again!

Last weekend work session went very well. John Hogan , Ray Meser and myself started in Shrewsbury and went out 4 and 7all the way to the gate at Brewers Corners on the Wheelerville Road and then down from RD 650 on 407 to McLaughlin Falls. We cut lots of trees and picked up a lot of things in the trails.

Dave with his excavator and Mike Stewart and Chris Kapusta came in from the highway garage on 4 and 7 to Dick Howe’s gate on the Wheelerville Road. They also went up to Flannels Restaurant. They were debrushing and tree removal and some tread work.

We were out 6 + hours so I think we did pretty good for that amount of time. I know what we were on looks really good and I know  Dave’s crews work is the same. So the only trails that need work is the rest of 407, the cross trail between 407 and 4&7 between RD 65 and RD 651. Also the trail out of the parking lot at the Notch. We will be working on these on our next work session on October 23rd.

I want to thank one of our newest volunteers, John Hogan. He has been going out and doing some debrushing on his own when he has time. His work is seen around the gates on the Wheelerviille  Road and up the trails in those areas. He also installed cable guards on the cables there to make than more visible.

Here are some photos. Thank you again for all you volunteers do to make Sno-Birds trails the best that they can be!

Ray and John on a nice work day on 4&7

Some of John’s work.

Some more of John’s work.

This is some of Dave’s work earlier this year. I should walk in to see what it looks like in the fall!