Trail Report December 27, 2022

Dave Fucci was out with his Alpine and drag clearing the trails yesterday. He was on 4&7  from the highway garage to the top of the hill above intersection RD 65. John Hogan and I were out with the tucker and covered almost all of our trails cutting and pushing trees. RD 651 to RD 65 still has not been checked, we could not get the cable open. From the corner of the Gilman Road to RD 16 was not checked this storm and from RD 676 to Stout’s was not checked this storm. The snow conditions are slim with allot of areas where the rain washed the snow and some water is still flowing in the water bars. The road areas are your best choice for riding. With the warmer temps coming it is not going to help us. There is some ice showing in areas also, not real bad but it is showing. Ride with allot of caution at this time if you go out. We were amazed that there were not more trees down, but I feel it is because we do as much off season cutting. I want to thank every one that helps off season and now when the season is open.

John Hogan helping after the big wind storm. Thank you John!