Trail Report February 1, 2021

Well between Saturday night and Sunday I was able to get all of our trails groomed. They looked pretty nice for the most part. I had a frozen fuel issue that delayed me on Saturday but with Dads help we got it going and thing were fine until about 10:30 that night and the alternator was not fully charging. So I shut every thing off except the front lights and turned it around and went back to the groomer shed and pulled the alternator. I fixed it early Sunday and was back on the trails mid morning and finished 4&7 . When I was out in Mendon I got a phone call from a guy that had a Toyota stuck on the CCC Road at RD66. So when I got back Dad and I went up and towed it back out. We got it out just as it was getting dark. The guy was going by GPS and not reading signs.

Dave was out on Friday with his Alpine and drag pulling in snow on the trail out of the Notch Parking lot and up 407 to the clearing just before the sand pit. That helps the snow base. We are going to get some more snow this week so the trails will be staying nice.

Ride Safely and Ride Right.

The Toyota at the plowed road. I forgot to take a photo of where it was stuck.