Trail Report February 1, 2023

Parts did not show up for me at work so I decided last minute mid morning to go and see if I could improve the trails by grooming where I could. I did all the upper trails and 4&7 all the way to RD 650, and out 407 to just past RD 651 and turned around. The snow is so thin I was leaving dirt showing in areas and digging out rocks so I stopped. The trails were not that bumpy because of the low snow. I filled the water bars as good as I could. There still is a couple of open water bars but they are not wide. We just need more snow. It looked like there has been a lot of traffic because it was packed really wide. It is definitely ridable with caution. I also groomed the cross trail from RD651  to RD65 and I went home via the trail to Stouts RD676. The new drag takes a beating with conditions like this. Where it is good it is really good but where it is not we need more snow.  Lets hope we get more snow!

One of our water bars. I shoveled in some more snow after this photo. I hope it holds!


This is one of the better looking areas, nice and smooth but we are right on the ground basically.