Trail Report February 16, 2024

John went out and groomed as much as he could before running out of snow. On 4&7 North he went almost to RD650. On 407 North he went to the red gate. He did all the upper trails and to route 100 and to the Old Plymouth Road Parking lot. The higher elevation trails are holding up well but as you head North and down in elevation the snow gets very slim. There were lots of riders out today and all were happy that they can ride with the snow that we have. I will head towards 103 tomorrow and work on that section. The logger has not been there in a while so we groomed the plowed road as it was down to dirt before this storm and John estimated that there was 6″ of snow from the 2 storms on the road systems up high. We are lucky to have what we have, alot of other clubs do not have the same luck!

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

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