Trail Report February 25, 2024

I was out grooming some trails yesterday. I groomed to 100 and towards 103 I turned around at the second power line. I went to the parking lot also. I groomed all of our upper trails and 4&7 north to RD16 and on 407 to the red gate. There were riders that came in from US Route 4 but they did say the snow was very slim in that direction but they said they were still rideable.  We felt that we should not try and groom that area as we wanted to keep it as white as possible. The warm temps this next week is not going to help. The sun is getting warmer and works to melt dark spots. Today maybe the last good day until we get more snow but it looks like we may be starting from the beginning again after the next two weeks of warmer temps. Go and ride if you can!

Grooming the Old Plymouth Road

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