Trail Report January 19, 2021

Dad was out grooming most of our trails yesterday. Dave was also out with his alpine and drag putting evergreen boughs in some of the water spots that did not stay covered after Sundays grooming. Dave went from the highway garage to the Clement Shelter. Dad said the trails were so much better yesterday after Sundays grooming. Dave and Dad said there were only a couple of water issues that they took care of so with just a few more inches of snow coming this week we should be in good shape after the next grooming. As always ride with caution conditions can change at any time.

It was interesting keeping track of Dad on the computer to see how he was doing. It makes me more comfortable when he is out by himself.  Go out and ride ours and everyone’s trails in the higher elevations. I think everyone has been out working on their trail systems.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!