Trail Report March 1, 2023

Dad and John Hogan were out grooming our trails yesterday. They did all of the Upper Trails and 407 to just past the gravel pit about 1 mile before RD 649. They also did 4&7 to RD 650 and then on 407 to McLaughlin Falls. It is still a little thin on snow to groom yet. We hope this weekend we might be able to do all the trails.

Dad made it! His goal was to groom when he was 90 and he did it. John said that Dad was on his A game all day even though it was a long day. I have not heard from Dad yet but I wanted to post the report so you would know they are groomed and are getting better all the time. Still ride with caution and I am going to leave them marked that way at least until the first of the week.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Dad and John Hogan getting ready to groom February 28,2023. Dad is still grooming at 90!