Trail Report March 13, 2022

Scott Ryan was out on our trails today. He was taking  photos of our intersections for our new signs that we want for the 2022-2023 season and he cleared trees that were down. He told Mom that the trails were not too bad but after the warm temps they wont last long. There were several sleds that left the groomer parking lot and most stayed out a long time. I hope every one had a nice day as it was a nice winter day with sun. I wish things were different and I was able to groom but mother nature  as I have said before was not good to us this season! Thank you Scott for all your work on the trails and the things you do for the Sno-Birds! If anyone else was out working on our trails let me know so I can let the club members know.  We are so happy to have the volunteers to help with the trails summer nd winter.

Just a reminder that our March meeting is this Tuesday at 7:00pm  at the Southside Steakhhouse in Rutland. I hope to see you there.