Trail Update January 25, 2023

The gates on the CCC Road are open now, Scott Ryan was out checking the trails and opened them! Thank you Scott! There is new info on the CCC Road logging off the road and this is what the State wrote:

Hey everyone,

Quick update from my most recent site visit:

Just below the Tinker Brook Trail Head, the skidders will be crossing the CCC Road in one location. I put flagging out and will be putting up signs soon.

Not sure how long they will operate this way. Depends on the conditions. At some point they may be plowing the CCC road to get trucks in from Shrewsbury to a landing below the Black Swamp Gate. I’ll keep you up to date as things develop.

So ride with caution in that area, please! I know this is not our trail but we like to help neighboring clubs and to keep all informed on what is happening.



2023 CCC Road Logging