Trail Work

Last Sunday Dave went out with his excavator and cleaned out the water bars from RD 651 at the Old Boves Camp and down around RD 16 then to RD 672 on the Tin Shany Road and then down to the Groomer Shed at RD69. On his way he moved lots of trees that were in the way or were leaning towards the trail.

Mark Quesnel and Adrian Sanford-Wilson were with me at the Stone house area. We debrushed the two trails going out the back of the Stone house and the trail coming into there from the CCC Road. Thank you for all your help.

My dad has been out with his tractor using his cutter bar, bushhog, backhoe and even hand cutters working on the trails. Even mom was out with him some days. I want to thank them also for all their hard work and letting me use the Ranger this last weekend to carry the tools and supplies.

We will be having at least one more work session, I am thinking this Sunday but there may be a storm coming so later in the week I will post for sure.