Trail Work October 18, 2015

This Sunday we will be starting from RD16, the 407 and 4&7 intersection just below the Clement Shelter. We will be debrushing the sides of the trail and getting a big tree down that is leaning over our trail. It has been cut with a cutter bar but there are areas that trees are leaning over the trail that need to be cut. Mike said after last weeks work session that he did not realize how much effort we go to, to cut the over hanging trees. Some times we are 20 feet of the trail to get to the base of that tall tree! We really like to look up the trail and not see trees that snow will bring down into the trail to bother riders in the winter. But in reality you never have them all cut but that is our goal we work for

We do have Rick Hubbard lined up for Wednesday to repair the cross trail I posted about yesterday. That is a relief to know it will be fixed..