Trail Work October 2015

Dave and Dad were out yesterday and went from the groomer shed to the top of Jockey and then down to the intersection of 4&7 and 407. The cleaned up any trees and dug out some stumps where they were logging to straighten out the trail out of the groomer shed.

Dad also has done all the cutter bar work that he usually does, so other than some hand debrushing, and a little more excavating we are doing pretty good.

The cross trail that connects 407 to 4&7 that was being logged this summer is not in good shape after the logging. They don’t put in water bars like we need to maintain the trail. We will need 2 feet of snow to make it good. They left rocks in the trail and some of the water bars have no outlet. I am getting in touch with Lisa to see what can be done. It should be put back in the shape as it was before the logging started. Also there was never a washout issue on that trail before so we do not need so deep of water bars.

I am planning some trail work sessions for October. Plan on a work day most every Sunday until we have every thing done. This week we will be starting at the Stone House and debrushing the 2 trails out of clearing. We will be starting at 8:00 AM. If you can come let me know and if you have a ATV to carry supplies. Thank you.