Trail Work Sunday October 4, 2020

The last year for Dads cutter bar on Shrewsbury Sno-Birds trails!

Dad and his tractor on Shrewsbury Sno-Birds trails this was the last year for this help from him. We will miss this help from him! Now us younger folks will have to take up the slack.

I want to thank Cliff Dutton our web guy for helping me get things fixed so I can post again! Any way we are planning to work on the two trails going out of the Stone House on Sunday. We will be starting at 8:00 am. Dad has done all of the debrushing that he normally does and Dave was out several days this week with his excavator and brush head on 407 clearing the overhanging limbs and the high limbs. I was with Dad several days also using my hand tools clearing as much as possible. The next work session will be the trail to the groomer shed. Weather permitting we will be doing that on Sunday the 11th. I will keep you up to date. Hope to see you on Sunday.