Trail Work Update

Within the last two weeks all of our trails have been cleared of trees. Scott Ryan  checked 4&7 from RD 16 to RD 650 and 407 from RD 650 to RD 16. Chuck Loso and I went over everything South and East of there to RD 67 and both trails to the Groomer Shed. Lastly Chuck and Paul Tucci and Brian Gudelis finished everything to the North to US Route 4 with atvs as the snow was thin at the time. It is amazing because some snowmobilers were asked how the trails were going to Shrewsbury and they said the snow was thin but no trees down. Well they went over and around and under about 13 trees! As I have said some times it is better to check the trails yourself! I want to thank every one for all their hard work!

If anyone has or takes photos while they are out, send them to us so we can post them. If you are like me it is hard to work and take photos at the same time but we do like to see them. Also send your trip photos please!

There is 5+” of snow at the groomer shed. Let’s hope tomorrow brings more so we can start working with the grooming part of the season!

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Chuck Loso out helping on the first trip out with the Tucker for the 2019-2020 season.