Trail work update

We have had 2 work days in the last few weeks. The first one we debrushed the Arthur Trail out of the groomer shed area. Scott R., Ray Messer and I started from there with hand tools and Dave started from the Tin Shanty Road with the excavator and brush head and started down and we met in the middle. That trail looks nice now.

The last work day Doug Todd from the Chittenden club, Ray Messer and I started at the highway garage and worked back to Dick Howe’s gate. We cleared all the trees and did some brush cutting. It was mostly cutting trees. That trail looks good and there is no erosion going on either. When we got to the gates we saw the very nice brush cutting done by John Hogan I do believe. John has sore ribs from a fall so I hope he did not hurt himself. Dave and Mike S. and Doc started from the Bove Camp area and were doing tread work on 407. Mike and Doc also went all the way to the Notch Parking lot debrushing the trails. Steve Taylor and Todd Fredrick with his tractor and brush hog debrushed 407 gate to gate on Friday. That was a very big help thank you for putting in the extra effort on a non work day, Steve, Tod, and John! When I took Dad’s Ranger back on Sunday I then went back out and cleared the trail bu Stouts and up over Jocky and down to the Gilman Road. I was going to do the upper trails but I did not have the correct key. So as far as I see the only trails that have not been checked are the upper trails. I was just talking to Steve and he said that he and Todd will try and do that section this week. If not I will plan a work day . Keep an eye out as it might be short notice.

I want to thank every one that takes the time to make our trails as nice as they can be. You all give up your valuable time and equipment big or small! I will post some more photos from Steve as soon as I can get them to do what I want.

Doug Todd and Ray Messer helping with our trails on a nice October Day!

A nice sign post ready for signs.