Work day report

Scott R, John, Bill, Ray, Dave and I installed the last sign posts today. Most went in quite nice except the last on at the Notch Parking Area. We also repaired the skidder bridge on the Arthur trail. I am sure we will be revisiting that next year but it is good for this year. It is only 12 feet wide now not 16.  After that I sharpened my brush cutters and went up and debrushed  at the Highway garage area until it started raining hard. I will finish by the gate area another time. If any one does any debrushing  let us know so we can mark it off the to do list. If you have photos send them to us also please, we want every one to know of your hard work for the good of the club!

Dave did his debrushing from Bucklin Trail area to the Clement Shelter and the cross trail to the Old  Bove’s Camp which is John Anderson’s camp now, and the trail to McLaughlin Falls with the help of Mike S., Scott B., and I helped one day. I think Doc and JR helped with transportation. If I missed any one I am sorry. On Dave’s way back he picked up all the things that were cut and did tread work with the bucket. It is always helpful to have some one helping with cutting, and some of the small things are easier don with hand equipment. Mechanically we try to do 1/3 of our trails plus we always have some hand cutting to do.

One of the last sign posts. John was “THE MAN” with the pounder! Thank you John!

Dave making the trails nice and wide and as smooth as possible! Thank you Dave for all you do!

There is always things that need the hand cutting touch. The trails really look good and wide. This helps when we get heavy snow this winter.

I have got to talk to the club but I am thinking of debrushing the Arthur Trail on October 2.  The next will be the trails out of the Stone House. Next weekend I am going to try and do some maintaince on the Tucker one day. This time of year things get busy. If any one wants to help with some maintaince let me know.