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Photo Sharing

Midnight Ride

Midnight Ride

Thank you to all photo uploaders! You are making our site grow with your photos. Check out the updated Photo Sharing Info page. More in-depth upload instructions and more about what can be done with your photos on SmugMug. If something on the page is unclear or incorrect please contact me with some specifics so I can make corrections. I have added my email to the Email Us section of the sidebar. I almost forgot to mention the new map links in our favorites in the sidebar now include an awesome map on EveryTrail of the trails derived from my GPS tracking trip riding in the groomer with Roy. View it full screen for full effect. There is also a Google Maps version and a SmugMap showing our photos that are GPS tagged.

SmugMug Changes

We have been arranging photo galleries by year though all uploads via our upload link are gathered in one gallery called Member Uploads. If your’s isn’t there, send us a message with a link to your photo and we’ll add it. Here’s the preview:

Speeding up the Site

It has come to my attention that the site is loading more slowly as features get added. I have tamed down the social media buttons to only appear on the blog entries, not the blog homage page or any archive page that displays multiple blog excerpts. There are other functions that may be eliminated to speed up the site but I need your feedback. For those who might view the site on a mobile device, there is a mobile version of the site that is displayed. It is a pared down version with no banner or sidebars but if you want to see Roy’s trail reports while away from a computer it could come in very handy. On the other hand, if no one is using it I might as well delete it and speed the site up a bit. Email me if you want to keep the mobile version or it will get deleted.

Cliff – Webmaster

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  1. I also changed the blog homepage to load the most recent posts as excerpts instead of full posts so that page loads much faster. That way you can find what you want quickly and click on it to read one complete post without having to wait for all 5 front page posts to load. Excerpts contain fewer photos, buttons and won’t pester you with loading flash content (videos and slideshows).

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