Trail Work October 7, 2018

We will be meeting at the Stone House at 8 AM and will be debrushing the two trails out of the stone house. If any one has an ATV or UTV that would be handy to carry some gear. I have not got the engine in Dads Polaris Ranger yet so that is not useable at this time. hope to see you there!

Shrewsbury Parade!

I thought that I would give you an update on how it went.  Dave put his Snow Coach on his trailer and his two sleds on another. Scott Ballard and myself helped clean the vehicles and put one of our signs on the truck and American Flags on the trailer ramps. The mice ate our banner so we could not use that. But I think our club quite respectable and the children really liked the snow coach, I heard one say look at that camper! It was a very short parade but the three of us thought it was important to be there. Mike Stewart was heading it up but he had a medical issue so he was not able to help. We all hope he gets well soon! read more

Parade in Shrewsbury

There is a parade in Shrewsbury this Sunday. It is the first annual Shrewsbury Day Parade.  Mike Stewart wanted our Tucker in it but I have it apart for repairs at this time. Dave is going to put his snow coach on a trailer and have that in the event. Mike is looking for members to be there. The parade starts at 11:00 AM. Contact Mike at 492-3312 if you have any questions or can help in any way. We hope to see you there! read more

Meeting Reminder

Our first of the season club meeting is this Tuesday September 11. It begins at 7:00pm at the Southside Steathouse on Main St. in Rutland. Hope to see you there!

Also the Annual Meeting for VAST is this Saturday September 15 up in Enosberg Falls. If you are interested in going let us know. 

Two meetings coming up!

The first meeting is on Sept 5, at the Franklin Conference Center in the Howe Center. It starts at 6:00 pm and goes to 8:00 pm. It would be nice to have some VAST members there to voice our concerns or at least to show more than just one person in our club has issues with more regulations. We hope to see you there. If you go to the VAST web site you can see more info. If you enjoy the sport of snowmobiling think about attending. read more

Decking is Complete

We finished the project today. Dave, Doc,, Scott R., Bill and his grand son and myself was there to complete the project. Every thing went as planed. We did not have to touch the water bars that the State was so concerned about so that is a good thing.

I am going to try and attach photos but our SmugMug page is still not up and running for me to transfer photos but you can see them there. Our web guy is working on it to make it easier for me to show you these things. read more

Decking of the Jeffords Bridge

Dave and I went up to debrush the road so we could get the materials in. If you have a high clearance vehicle you can get there with that. Dave drove his Ford 550 in with half of the materials today and we will be driving our vehicles to the site tomorrow.  If any one wants to know the status of the gate please call me. Otherwise the smaller vehicles can get around the gate. I hope to see you there, I do not think that it will take too long to finish the project. read more

Bridge Decking Sunday August 26, 2016

We will be re decking the bridge on 407 near the gravel pit. We will be starting at 7:30 at the Mooonshine Lane gate this Sunday.  We hope to see you there! If any on has any questions please call me at 775-3406 or 779-5228. Here are some photos of how the bridge looks now. I’m having problems with getting the photos so I will show them when we get the project done.


May Meeting

Our last club meeting for the 2017/2018 season will be this Wednesday, May 9th at 7 PM @ Southside Steakhouse. 

Hope everyone can make it!

Yes one more trail report April 19, 2018!

The gate on the CCC Road that Mike S just locked on April 18, 2018!

Mike Stewart was out with his sled closing gates that we can not get to with vehicles. He said that there was still good snow coverage. Some trails he could not get through because of downed trees. I think that there is going to be alot of that to clean up. Mike said he had a nice ride. He took some photos and here they are. You can see the amount of snow that is left!

See you on the Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Trails next season! It is nice to end this season with this photo of the snow lingering up in the mountains of Shrewsbury, VT. !  read more