Trail Report February 19, 2020

Dad and Ray were out grooming up our trails today. It was a nice sunny day so I hope they had a good time while they were making  the trails nice for everyone! If Dad has any things to add to this tomorrow I will post it.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Trail Report February 15, 2020

I was out grooming the trails yesterday afternoon and most of last night. There several trees down, nothing really big but some I did have to cut. I also did some hand filling of some areas. If any one is on 407 be on the lookout for a long roof rake handle. I think it is in the area of the first hill past the red gate on the Shrewsbury end. I think I left it leaning on the Tucker and did not get it in the compartment. The only other spot would be that it fell out on the falls road out past Rousseau’s Camp in the water crossing that I was filling in. If you find it now or when the snow melts let me know please.

The trails are looking really nice for the most part but still ride with caution as the snow I put in may not last. The snow up high was really hanging on the trees, that is what brought things down. Go and ride the trails are hard and should hold up nice.

Also if you hurry you can still make the antique sled show at the fairgrounds from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. It is free to go, you can’t beat that deal! Dave and Doc have sleds there and some of our members are helping out.

Here are a few photos, there are more on our SmugMug page.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Trees hanging in our upper trail!

Tree down on 407, one cut and then push it out of the way.

This morning on 4&7 just waiting for the first sled.

The Tucker at the Stone House with a look at Shrewsbury Peak!

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Sorry but we are having some issues, but our web guy Cliff is working on it!  It is posting things another time later.



Trail Report February 9,2020

I was out grooming yesterday and last night. I groomed everything, the only trails I did not go both ways on were the trails to the groomer shed because I developed a steering fluid leak so I had to get it back to the groomer shed.  I am headed back up to diagnose the issue today. Chuck Loso rode and helped me for most of the day, 8+ hours.  We had to cut some trees, one really big one! Got to love the blade on the Tucker as it saves some back work. We did have to winch once on 407 also. Most of the trails are looking a lot better but there are still areas that need more snow so as always ride with caution.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Two happy riders at the Stone House.

The Full Moon was very nice last night!

February meeting and it is Snowing outside!

Our next meeting is this Tuesday February 11, 2020. As usual it is at the Southside Restaurant in Rutland starting at 7:00 PM. Hope to see you there.

The snow just started in Rutland at a little past 2:00 PM. I do not know if we will gat as much as they have predicted but we will see when it is all over. I hope we get at least 5 inches.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Truck on the trail update.

Dad and I went back out and got the truck out. Every thing went well, we put gas in it and it started! Kyle said the battery was not dead and he was correct. It must shut things down if the engine quits. Every thing went well and we did no damage to it. Once we towed it to the top of the steep hills headed back I drove it the rest of the way out. I want to thank Kyle, Brandon, and Dad for their help. I also want to thank Mike Stewart for his help with the key issue. Now to get the rest of the money and they can have the truck back. That is the most important part!

Starting to get the truck out.

Slow and easy does it.

Now the work is done. We are on the high ground.

Going past the gate that states no wheeled vehicles.

Truck on trail update.

On Saturday Dad and I were looking for a truck on our trail some where. When we could not find it we called the person back to tell him. That is when we found out that it had been out there for over a week so that is why we did not see any tracks. So we went back out and went out farther and found it. We started it to warm it up and get the snow and ice off it and when I went to get into it the doors were locked. The owner did not have a second key so now it is out of fuel and the battery is dead and we hope it did not ruin the fuel pump running dry. Two of J.C. Stewarts people on their sleds went up with lock out tools and got the doors open and the key out. Tomorrow Dad and I will go back up and try to get it started and out oof the woods before the storm. As Dave would say you can’t make this up! We all want to thank Kyle Raymond and Brandon Valente for their efforts and expertise in this area!

Oh by the way when we left the truck on Saturday afternoon around 3:00 it had a 1/2 tank of gas and to my surprise when we went back on Sunday morning around 8:30 it was still running! It had, according to the dash an 1/8 th of a tank left and 30 miles too go! 30 miles left and the doors still would not open!

I will let you all know how tomorrow goes. I hope it goes better than it has. There are more photos on our Smug Mug page and we will take more tomorrow.

One more photo of the truck. I took these so we won’t be blamed for any damage.

Saturday when we were up there just before we found out the doors were locked! Dad was trying to get out of the photo, he moves pretty fast for his age but not faster than the camera! He likes to be a behind the scenes kind of guy. Too late this time!

Trail Report February 3, 2020

Dad and I were out on Saturday grooming and looking for a truck on our trails somewhere. We found it in the late afternoon. It is still there and I will get more into it in a later post. On Sunday Dad and I went and picked up the drag and groomed all of the trails except to the Notch Parking lot. I do not want trucks going out that. We did see sled tracks headed that way, though. It is really thin in a lot of areas but it did get better up high. Some water bars are still open but we filled as much as we could with the snow conditions. We saw sleds both days and they were riding all the way to US Route 4. Some trailered from Arlington because they heard we had snow and they were happy that they came! More snow coming later in the week I hope. I hope to get the truck out before then. If you go out ride with caution.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

4&7 in Wheelerville Feb. 2, 2020

4&7 Wheelerville Feb. 2, 2020 not much snow yet! First time out this far this year!

Trail Report January 19,2020

I was out walking on some of our trails this morning and found 4 to 5 inches of total snow depth from all the storms left on our trails. These were trails in the Mendon area. There is some ice under the snow especially in the flat areas out of the Notch Road Parking Lot. The hill seemed to be ok. There had been a rider or two out as I saw the tracks by the Highway Garage. The skis were hitting the ground in spots. If you do go out use caution. The Dammers say the same thing.

Here are a couple of photos I took today. There are a few more on our Smug Mug page.

The dark spots are where the skis hit the ground. This was at the intersection of 4&7 and the trail to Flannels.

I was happy to see the water spots on the new trail to Flannels were frozen today.

Snow Totals?

Mom and Dad said at the groomer shed there was only 2″ at the most. Did any one else get more than that? I do not see that we can go out with the Tucker with that little of snow but if any one else sees more snow let me know. I do not see any good snow in the forecast either. My snow dance is not working, we need some help!

I want to thank whoever moved the tree at the Falls Road and 407 intersection.

407 and the Falls Road Intersection near the McLaughlin Falls.