Trail Report December 12, 2018

Well after many days we have all of our trails free of trees. Dave Fucci spent 2 days with help from Scott Ballard and Mike Stewart. I had help the 3 days I was out with Barry Alger, Ed Raymond, and the last day with Mark Quesnel helping. All the signs are up from the Tin Shanty Road North on 4&7 and 407. I am looking to see if any one wants to go on Thursday to help put up the rest of the signs and I am going to groom the upper trails at least. Give me a call if you want to go, 775-3406 or 779-5228.  read more

Trail Work To Open The Trails for 2018

We are starting to clear the trails on Saturday Dec. 8, 2018 to clear our trails. I need positive commitments for that day and every day  there after to ride with me to get the trails open. Some have asked if they can use their sleds, I do not have an answer other than if you are there with the tucker or if you have a chain saw that shows some usage I do not think any one will bother you. That is my thought only! This is not and early pass to ride your sled. I really need to hear from you.  Contact me at 779-5228-cell or 775-3406-work. Getting your trails open by December 16th depends on your help! read more

Snow totals for November 27, 2018!

I would love to be out in the snow but I have to work. Here at the shop we have about 6 inches. I would like to hear what everyone else has! Photos are great also.

I just received an email from Matt at VAST. He said that we can start clearing trails and putting up signs with the Tucker starting Dec. 10th instead of the 14th.  We have to get past the muzzle loader season. That may make it a busy week after the wind and snow we have received. I will be looking for riders to help. Let me know if any one is up for some work! Remember we have not got to winter yet, that is 3+ weeks away. read more

Snow Tomorrow?

It looks like we will recieve some sizeable  snow tomorrow. There was still a little up on the hill when I left from hunting on Monday night. This might be the start of a Great Season with the cold temps holding even in November. Get your Early Bird TMA so you don’t miss out on the fun! Hope to see you on the trails.

November 2018 Meeting

Our November meeting is this Tuesday November 13 at the Southside Steakhouse starting at 7:00 PM. The TMA’S are out now also so buy your Early Bird TMA and save some $. Hope to see you at the meeting!

Also good luck to all you hunters this season!

Trail Report October 21,2018

We were out clearing the trail to the groomer shed this morning. Mike Stewart, Barry Alger and my self were there. There were several trees down and some brush that needed cutting. At this point I think all of our trails have been checked. I want to thank Barry and Mike for their help! Oh I almost forgot the fact that it was spitting snow up there this morning. Maybe it is a sign?


Trail Relocation

The trail is all done. I debrushed it last Saturday, it was a spur of the moment thing where I had a little time so I could not ask for help. The trail looks really nice and will be a big improvement to what we had.

Sunday Dave was out repairing waterbars on 4&7 on Howe’s and Gagnon’s properties. Bill and I were there checking the trail clearing down trees. We went all the way to the Highway Garage.  read more

Trail Work October 21, 2018

We will be working on the “Arthur Trail” on Sunday the 21st. We will be starting at 8:00 am on the Tin Shanty Road end. Any one that wants to park at the groomer shed and ride up meet at 7:30 am at the groomer shed. There will be transportation to go back up and get your vehicle if you park up on the Tin Shanty Road. Hope to see you there!

October Meeting

Our October meeting is this Tuesday October 9th at the Southside Steakhouse on South Main St. in Rutland.It starts at 7:00 PM. Hope to see you there! As you can see we have a great time!

Rainy day trail work.

We had a work day today to debrush and clear trees on the two trails out of the Stone House. It only took 2 1/2 hours so that was not too bad in the rain. It is a little over 2 miles of trails. The dedicated workers were from left to right, Mike Stewart, Barry Alger, Mark Quesnel, and Adrian Sanford-Wilson, and myself. Thank you for you help! It looks like with our web guy Cliff Dutton I am able to post the photos again. The lower photos are from the work yesterday on the Girl Scout Camp relocation. Cliff did I do it right?  read more