Trail Report March 13, 2022

Scott Ryan was out on our trails today. He was taking  photos of our intersections for our new signs that we want for the 2022-2023 season and he cleared trees that were down. He told Mom that the trails were not too bad but after the warm temps they wont last long. There were several …

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Snow Report for March12, 2022

I just plowed the Notch parking lot and there was 6 inches there. Dad said that there was about 4.5 to 5 inches there but the wind was blowing. He plowed that parking lot also. We will not be grooming with the minimal snow that we received. Go and ride if you want because I …

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March meeting date change.

Our March meeting has been changed to the third Tuesday which is March 15th as some of our officers will not be able to attend. It will still be at the Southside Steakhouse in Rutland starting at 7:00pm. Hope to see you there.

Snow Total as of 3:30pm

My brother just went out and measured the snow and there is 4 inches  at the groomer shed area. If any one goes out to ride be very careful because you can not see the icy spots and there are a lot of ice. At this point there is not much the groomer can do …

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Trail Report and the loss of our Past President, Rick Lees

I was out walking some of our trails today and talked to several riders and they all were still happy to be able to ride. They were all amazed at the conditions. There are some ice issues but the sled were not affected as bad as the groomer might be. No one thought they were …

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Trail Report February 14, 2022

At the last minute yesterday morning I decided to go and try grooming not knowing what the snow conditions were. I groomed every thing. There is a lot of dirty snow in some areas but it is smooth  dirty snow. If you can ride before the rain later in the week I would because we …

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Trail Report February 10, 2022

It was a quick decision to go out grooming last night after work. I groomed 4&7. Scott Ryan went out and checked the trails and reported to me that 407 was still very nice with little traffic and the upper trails were still good also. Every thing should be nice now. It took a little …

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Meeting Reminder

Our club meeting will be February 8 at the Southside Steakhouse starting at 7:00 pm. Hope to see you there.

Trail Report February 6, 2022

I was out all day on Saturday and John Hogan and I were out 6 hours today. All of the trails got groomed. They need more snow in some areas but they were flat. Every one was having a good time. On Saturday I must have seen 150 sleds! I hope every one enjoys the …

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Meeting Minutes-January 11, 2022

Opening The regular meeting of the Shrewsbury Sno-Birds was called to order at 7:05PM on January 11, 2022 at Southside Steakhouse in Rutland by Mike Stewart. Present Mike Stewart, President; Scott Ryan, Director; David Fucci, Director; Mike Gabriel, Treasurer; Roy Arthur, Trailmaster/Vice President; Michele Taube, Secretary; Ray Messer, Member Approval of Agenda Treasurer’s Report was …

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