Trail Work Update

Within the last two weeks all of our trails have been cleared of trees. Scott Ryan  checked 4&7 from RD 16 to RD 650 and 407 from RD 650 to RD 16. Chuck Loso and I went over everything South and East of there to RD 67 and both trails to the Groomer Shed. Lastly Chuck and Paul Tucci and Brian Gudelis finished everything to the North to US Route 4 with atvs as the snow was thin at the time. It is amazing because some snowmobilers were asked how the trails were going to Shrewsbury and they said the snow was thin but no trees down. Well they went over and around and under about 13 trees! As I have said some times it is better to check the trails yourself! I want to thank every one for all their hard work!

If anyone has or takes photos while they are out, send them to us so we can post them. If you are like me it is hard to work and take photos at the same time but we do like to see them. Also send your trip photos please!

There is 5+” of snow at the groomer shed. Let’s hope tomorrow brings more so we can start working with the grooming part of the season!

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Chuck Loso out helping on the first trip out with the Tucker for the 2019-2020 season.

January Meeting

Our January meeting is this Tuesday at 7:00 PM at the Southside Steak House on Main Street in Rutland. Hope to see you there!

Trail Report 1/9/2020

I plowed the Notch Parking Lot this morning. I removed the lock from the gate but did not remove the bar. If some one wants to ride remove the bar at that time. If no one rides out of there it looks locked at first glance and it might keep the trucks out. Lets hope that we do not get much rain.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Trail Report

Chuck Loso  was out with me today clearing trees and opening gates and putting up signs. We had several larger tree to clear but luckily I was able to make a couple of cuts and then push them out of the trail. There was pretty good snow up high but it got slimmer down by the Clement shelter. We not go any further than RD 16 on 4&7 and on 407 we stopped at the Gilman Road intersection and went to the Upper Cold River Road. We went on all the upper trails some one way and also one way on the trail to the groomer shed. There is riding if you use caution.

We were busy and I forgot to take photos of the tree damage. We received about 2+ inches of snow while we were out, it was pretty intense at times. We saw a deer out on the upper trail but a phone malfunction did not let me take a photo before it ran away.

All of our gates are open at this time except the Notch Parking Lot Gate.I am going to check that area tonight and will post tomorrow if I open it. I have to make sure that vehicles cannot get out there.

Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Upper trail at the Shrewsbury Peak end of the Black Swamp Road.

Chuck Loso helping on 1/8/2020. First time out this grooming season. This is late for us!

Decades of snow totals.

I just found this on HCS and thought you might think this is interesting. I did and it shows that VT can hold its own around the country! We are not starting this year too good though!

Decades of snow totals, interesting!

Trail Work 1-4-2020

Scott Ryan was out with his side by side this morning clearing trees. He did trails between his house all the way to the Notch parking lot. He said there was not much snow and it was raining at the time. Thank you Scott for your help for the Sno-Birds!

I went over to Route 100 and opened the gate for the Snowfliers and put out 2 new signs telling riders that Corridor 4 is closed in Plymouth and there is no gas. One at US Route 4 and one at the Notch parking lot. I have 2 more, one will go at the groomer shed parking lot and one at the Black Swamp Road and CCC Road intersection, that would be RD 67. We are trying to not have riders go to far and realize they can’t get gas and they don’t have enough gas to get back to where they came from.

Opening Day 2019-2020 Season

Opening day in our area is not as good as I would like to see. There is no riding at this time. This is not the norm for us. We need to do a serious snow dance to help us out! If any one ventures out before I let you know the gates and trails are open, be careful, I have opened some gates but not all. I will post as things get better.

We do have a trail into the Flannels Restaurant in Mendon, just a short distance from the Route 4 crossing and the Wheelerville Road. We will be posting signs with their hours when we receive them. You can also go on their website and check them out. I have heard the food is really good!

The photos are of the new trail to Flannels this last weekend when I was debrushing it. I hope it freezes up.

Pray for snow!!

December Meeting

Our December meeting is this Tuesday December 10th at the Southside in Rutland starting at 7:00pm. The snow keeps coming hopefully it stays, I see warmer temps next week and rain. Hope to see you at the meeting.

Safety Course!

The Sno-Birds safety course is December 1, 2019 at Hillside Services in Cuttingsville. Contact Dave Blecich @ 492-3782 for more info.

Snowmobiles on Road!

I had a report of tracks on the Upper Cold River Road already. The trails do not open until December 16, 2019. You can be fined if you are out before that date and you might irritate land owners and hunters. Please do not go out before the season opens. We all need to be patient.