New Exhibition Of Snowmobiles Highlights Evolution Of Travel Over Snow

I found this on the VAST site. Shelburne Museum has put together a history of snow travel, open through October 28th. Discount available to out-of-state VAST members! (Vermont residents use vermont discount.) See details on this VAST page.

The Logo Colors

I have seen a couple of versions of the logo. Could someone give me some feedback about the red and blue in this version and if look the way they should on screen? Does it look the same as the sticker?

The Banner

The banner image at the top of the page was taken at sunrise giving the image warm tones. No photoshopping going on here.

Shrewsbury Sno-Birds April 2012 Meeting Correction !

The meeting place has changed for this month. It will be at Sabby’s on center street upstairs. Hope to see you there. By the way it is snowing in the higher elevations today, too bad it is too little too late as everything is locked up! Come to the meeting and help the club grow …

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Shrewsbury Sno-Birds April Meeting

Our April 2012 meeting is April 10th @ the South Station on South Main St. in Rutland. They start at 7:00 PM and there is food and drinks and good snowmobile conversation available. Hope to see you there!

Shrewsbury Trails April 4, 2012

We are locking the gates and takeing down the signs. This is the earlyist that we have done this that I can remember. Some one stole two signs that we had made up for closing the CCC Road . They were expensive to have made and we would like them back, no questions asked, just …

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Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Trails March 10, 2012

Well Shrewsbury got 5 to 6 inches of snow at the North Shrewsbury Parking lot last night and today. I decided not to try and groom as to leave as much snow on the trails as possible for the riders. They like powder and the temps are not in favor of keeping the snow cover. …

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Shrewsbury Sno-Birds Trails March 6, 2012

Dad and mom went out grooming today. They did all the high elevation spots. RD 67 to 1mile norht of RD 65 above the old Poczobut Camp on 4&7 and over to RD 651 on 407 then down to the Clemit Shelter Road the back to 4&7 and back to home at RD69. They also …

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Sherwsbury Sno-Birds Trails March 2, 2012

Up at midnight and dad and I went out grooming. The trails up high have 12+ inches of new snow. We groomed every thing up high plus the Grouse Hill North Road { 7 south from the 4 and 7 intersection at RD68 about a mile to the log landing} and The CCC Road from RD67 …

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Sno-Birds Trails March 1 2012

Dad said that there is 9″ at his house in North Shrewsbury! We are going to go out and try to groom up the trails as far as the snow allows starting at 1:30 tomorrow morning . I will post a report when we get back. Remember that there are going to be hazards on …

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