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Trail Report February 13, 2018

Dad and Ray were out grooming yesterday. From what I hear things are looking pretty good now. Lets hope we don’t get too much rain on Friday! Go out and ride if you can!

Ride Safely and Ride Right.

Trail Report February 11, 2018

Dad and I removed the compactor bar and headed out with the drag yesterday to groom the trails. We left the traction aids on and we were glad we did. We did have to winch on one hill on 407 but that was the only one and we did to attempt to climb back up thru the City Watershed we only groomed that one way.

The alternator died coming back on 407 just after winching so we went back to the groomer shed took it off and I took it to the shop and fixed it. We put it on and went back out and did all of the rest of the trails. That made it a longer day but we wanted to get the trails groomed with the warmer temps so when it cooled back down the snow would firm up all compacted covering up the ice. Most of the the trails are looking pretty nice but, now more snow would be nice  to build up the base. read more

Trail Report February 9, 2018

Dad and I went out and packed all the trails yesterday. The traction aids worked great, we never would have made it thru the over 2 feet of snow with out them. They are worth the price especially after you see how they are made to fit the tracks! They really dig in.

Go out and enjoy. We will be back out soon hopefully with the drag which will make the trails even better! We did not see any ice yesterday, only 3 Game Wardens! read more

Trail Report February 7, 2018

Dad and I installed the traction aids on the rear of our Tucker and put the compactor bar on and went out for a quick test and they did the job as we climbed the hill on the trail coming out of the groomer shed parking lot heading for the Tin Shanty Road. It did chew some but it kept going and there was 15″+ of snow also.

We are going out again tomorrow and see how much we can get packed. It is a slower go because of the traction aids and we have to fill the water bars again. I will post tomorrow if it is not too late, if not I will on Friday morning.  Have fun in the powder! read more

Snow total report!!

I was just talking to Dad and he said that they received 12 to 13 inches of snow and there is another storm coming on Wednesday! As soon as we get the traction aids, hopefully tomorrow, we will get them on and start working on our trails. So for you powder riders enjoy the fresh snow, but watch out for water bars and ice and any other type of obstacle that might be under the powder that you can not see. Send some photos also! read more

Trail Report and News

Well they received about 6″ inches of snow from the last storm but from what I see it was fluffy again. More is on the way on Sunday and maybe more on Wednesday! We did order those traction aides that I showed you two posts back so as soon as we receive them and get them on we will be out grooming again. If you ride before we get out do it with caution.

Just a reminder that the Poultney Pancake Breakfast is tomorrow morning. If you want a great breakfast stop over to the Elementary School. We that go always have a nice meal. Cindy and I always go early so we get a chance to visit with their club members. Hope to see you there! read more

Trail Report January 29, 2018

The word of the day is ice. I went out walking in Wheelerville on our trails and had a hard time standing on Sunday. I have done a lot of thinking and talking with other clubs and have come to the conclusion that we are going to need to add some thing to our tracks to make it safe to get back on the trails when we get some snow if we don’t loose all the ice and then start over.

I went down to Cavendish and looked at their Tucker. They have these ice cleats that are bolted on the tracks. The Chittenden club has them also. They make the ride a lot ruffer and your speed has to be slower, but slower and not sliding into some thing or over a bank is a good thing. We would need 12, 6 for each of the rear tracks. They cost $200.00 per cleat which makes the total $2400.00. I need to know what the club wants to do. Maybe some one has another idea, I am open to other ideas. I do know that the Tucker will no go out as long as the ice is as bad as it is unless we do some thing because I do not want to damage it as that could be really costly! read more

Trail Report January 20, 2018

Mark and I were out trying to groom our trails today. We groomed as far as the Upper trail and to the base of Jockey. The two trails going to the Stone House were too icy to groom. Even if we could groom them the lack of snow would make the ice issues worse.

I decided that it would be better to leave the snow on the trail than to scrape it off and have more bare ice. So we took the Tucker back and then I took Dad’s sled with a chainsaw, some signs and checked the rest of our trails. I moved some rocks and cut some trees out of the trail. As soon as the snow conditions improve we will be back out grooming the trails. read more

Photo as promised

 This is on the north side of Jockey just starting down from the top. It looks dangerous!

This is on the north side of Jockey just starting down from the top. It looks dangerous!

I’m trying to figure how to fix this. I have put rock salt on spots before and then covered it with snow and it all melted together and it was good the rest of the  season. That looks like it would take a lot of rock salt! Any other suggestions?

Ride Safely and Ride Right or in this case hold on and hope for the best! Be Careful!

Trail Report January 16, 2018

Scott Ryan was out on 407 and then back up 4&7  to the Clement Shelter Road and back to his house and he thought the trails took it pretty good. There was no serious ice issues on that section and no downed trees.

I’m looking to see if any one has been out on our Upper Trails around the Stone House and up over Jockey.  I would like to know if there is any serious ice issues where the Tucker could get damaged. If any one has been out or is willing to go out and check those trails please let me know! read more