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Trail Report January 24, 2021

I just got back from grooming our trails last night. Most of the trails are in really nice shape but there are a few holes that I could not get the drag to get snow. It was riding on the runners so the blades would not touch the snow. I did not see any sleds …

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Trail Report January 21, 2021

Dave was out and rode 140 miles in a big loop. He said that our trails were really nice so I guess the hard work of everyone has helped a lot. Thank you to everyone. So once again go and ride and enjoy while the snow is here. It does look like, with the cold …

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Trail Report January 19, 2021

Dad was out grooming most of our trails yesterday. Dave was also out with his alpine and drag putting evergreen boughs in some of the water spots that did not stay covered after Sundays grooming. Dave went from the highway garage to the Clement Shelter. Dad said the trails were so much better yesterday after …

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Trail Report January 18, 2021

Dad and I were out all day yesterday grooming and removing trees. Things are starting to look a little better in the higher elevations but still slim in the lower areas. We filled as many of the water bars as we could but with the heavy traffic I do not know if they stayed or …

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Trail Report January 16, 2021

I was up at the Highway Garage  on Route 4 and it was snowing like crazy and very windy around 8:00 am. At the groomer shed Dad said there was around 4 inches the last he checked. They had no power other than their generator. Just thought I would keep you up to date with …

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Trail Report January 9, 2021

Dad and I were out with the Tucker and drag clearing trees and grooming the little snow that we have on the upper trails. They are open to ride with caution as there is open water in some of the water bars and the snow is compacted to the ground. Scott Ryan was also out …

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Trail Report December 26, 2020

Well as you probably already figured the trails are closed for riding . I checked some road crossings and everything is pretty bare. I am hoping that the weather trend changes but it is not looking good. I guess it is time to start doing a snow dance to help things out! As always we …

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Trail Report December 20, 2020

Dave and Doc with sleds and Dad and I with the tucker got all of our trails open yesterday. There are water crossings that are still open but over all things are looking good for early season riding. Ride with caution. Go and have some fun! Ride Safely and Ride Right!

Trails are closed today, March 25, 2020.

VAST has informed us to close all trails. Hope to see you this summer for help with  trail work. I hope every one had some good times out on our trails this winter. It was one of our more challenging seasons to keep the trails up. We did the best we could with what mother …

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Snow total March 23, 2020

I heard that there is approx. 6″ of snow around the groomer shed area. Some spots are thinner because the wind was blowing. I am leaving the VAST web site as the trails are closed because there are gates closed but there is limited riding. 407 has 3 gates closed and the snow is thinner …

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