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Trail Report Update January 25, 2019

Barry Alger was out on 407 and 4&7  North of RD 651 and RD 65 and found the trails in good condition after the rains. Scott Ryan went out up over Jocky RD 16 South to RD 66 and some of the Upper Trails and said there was some water damage around RD 71 and across the Upper Trail. RD 66 to RD 679 ...  read more

Trail Report January 23, 2019

I was out with Dad yesterday packing and leveling the snow drifts on our trails. We packed all the trails and the next time out we will have the drag on. The trails were looking good with no open water in the water bars. They still need to be filled in some more in spots but that will come. We saw ...  read more

Trail Damage January 16,2019!

Someone with a 2 wheel drive Kubota tractor tried to go up the trail across from the groomer shed and then came across the road and tore the trail up all the way to mom and dads driveway. He then went out their driveway and headed towards Northham. Dad was unable to catch him or follow the tracks. ...  read more

Trail Report January 15, 2019

Dad and mom were out grooming the trails today. They did all of the upper trails and 4&7 to RD 650. The snow down there and for most of 407 is slim so we do not want to over groom and make too many bare spots so they stopped where the did. For the amount of snow we have the trails are in surprisingly ...  read more

Trail Report January 14, 2019

I did get back out yesterday and groomed to the stone House and then opened the trail to the Groomer Shed. There were a few trees to cut but not too bad and the water spots are not bad because for the most part they were froze over. The snow is slim in those areas but it is very ridable. Dave and ...  read more

Trail Report January 13, 2019

Scott Ryan went out in the morning grooming and then I finished up all trails except the trail across from the groomer shed which I am doing this morning. The trails up high are good and they get slimmer down low. People are riding them and seem happy. Watch out for brush in some spots most wont bother ...  read more

Snow totals January 10, 2019?

Dad said late yesterday afternoon there was 8″ at the groomer shed, and it was snowing last night so I expect that there is more this morning. I will be out with the Tucker on Saturday and Sunday if needed to open our trails. The snow is heavy on the trees so I expect there may be some tree ...  read more

January 2019 Meeting

The January meeting is this Tuesday January 8th at 7:00 PM at the Southside Steakhouse in Rutland. Hope to see you there!

I was up in Shrewsbury this morning and at times it was snowing really good.I took some photos at RD 672 the Tin Shanty – Hudson Trail intersection and there still some base ...  read more

Trail Report December 16, 2018

4&7 at Brewers Corner on opening day.

Opening day is finally here. Corridors 4&7 are all groomed as is the upper trails, the cross trail over to 407 then back to the Clemit Shelter. The rest was on the slim side so we did not touch them. It is not recomended to park at the Notch Parking lot because of the slim conditions. I did not ...  read more

Trail Report December 12, 2018

Well after many days we have all of our trails free of trees. Dave Fucci spent 2 days with help from Scott Ballard and Mike Stewart. I had help the 3 days I was out with Barry Alger, Ed Raymond, and the last day with Mark Quesnel helping. All the signs are up from the Tin Shanty Road ...  read more