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Trail Report March 16, 2018

I was out packing the upper trails around the Stone House area and the 2 trails that go to the parking lot – groomer shed area. Sorry to the 2 riders that could not get up the trail yesterday because of the deep snow! I’m headed out now to do the rest of the trails today.  Then tomorrow I plan on trying to groom them.

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Trail Report March 13, 2018

Dad and I were out last night repairing the bigger mud spot on the trail going down to the groomer shed. We cut some trees and put some boughs down and then some snow on top and packed it with the drag. some one went in it this weekend and gassed it and ended up in the trees a ways away. From what I hear she is ok and the sled drove out but from what I saw and the distance she went it was an operator error incident. But we did the best we could to make it better. I was going to do it last weekend when I was grooming but there is only so many hours in the day and at midnight or closer to 3:00 AM on Friday night I did not feel like stopping to do it . Here are some photos I took last night and last weekend. read more

Trail Report March 11, 2018

Well once again Dad was there to help me swap the compactor bar for the drag. We are getting pretty quick now. I went back out and groomed all of our trails yesterday. I was glad as from 3:45 that morning to when I was back on the trails at 12:00 noon that same day they looked really bad as the snow was not setting up. The drag does a lot better job but some times you just can not pull it with out tearing up the trail buy spinning it down to the ice which I did once each day and had to winch.  Every piece of equipment has its time and place where it works best. So after 25+ hours between Friday and Saturday we have the trails in good shape for the snow conditions that we have. read more

Trail Report March 10, 2018

I was out packing and blading our trails most of the night last night. Everything is open and in pretty good shape. I could not pull the drag because of the deep snow so Dad helped get the compactor bar back on. Again this snow like most of the storms we have had this season they are deep with no body! I am going to get the drag back on today to be ready to go back out. There were some pretty aggressive riders out last night so some areas were pretty tore up after I had gone thru the first time. Watch out still for water bars not being perfect and for the spots where the aggressive riders were. read more

Snow on the way!

It looks like we may be getting a good dumping of snow today through Friday! We will just have to wait and see! Let us know the totals that you get.

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Trail Report March 3, 2018

Well we received about 4-5″ of snow at the groomer shed but the ground is still warm so it is melting from the bottom up. I would like to go out and pack the trails but I think it is better to leave them the way they are for the riders. It is wet under the snow and if I pack it it might turn to slush. If any one does go out and wants to let me know how they are please do! I wish we had received more snow than we did! read more

Trail Report February 17, 2018

I was out grooming up our trails today. There is ice showing in some spots and over by US Route 4 the snow is very slim. Over all the trails look pretty good for the amount of snow on the trails. If you are out riding use caution for the ice and water bars getting narrow and some rocks starting to show themselves. Maybe some snow tonight so ride tomorrow before the warm up next week! read more

Trail Report February 13, 2018

Dad and Ray were out grooming yesterday. From what I hear things are looking pretty good now. Lets hope we don’t get too much rain on Friday! Go out and ride if you can!

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Trail Report February 11, 2018

Dad and I removed the compactor bar and headed out with the drag yesterday to groom the trails. We left the traction aids on and we were glad we did. We did have to winch on one hill on 407 but that was the only one and we did to attempt to climb back up thru the City Watershed we only groomed that one way.

The alternator died coming back on 407 just after winching so we went back to the groomer shed took it off and I took it to the shop and fixed it. We put it on and went back out and did all of the rest of the trails. That made it a longer day but we wanted to get the trails groomed with the warmer temps so when it cooled back down the snow would firm up all compacted covering up the ice. Most of the the trails are looking pretty nice but, now more snow would be nice  to build up the base. read more

Trail Report February 9, 2018

Dad and I went out and packed all the trails yesterday. The traction aids worked great, we never would have made it thru the over 2 feet of snow with out them. They are worth the price especially after you see how they are made to fit the tracks! They really dig in.

Go out and enjoy. We will be back out soon hopefully with the drag which will make the trails even better! We did not see any ice yesterday, only 3 Game Wardens! read more