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Trail Report March 17, 2019

I was out grooming last night after Dad and I replaced the 3 wheels on one assembly and one radiator rubber mount. It also got greased again and all fluids were  checked and topped off where needed. I groomed all the upper trails and then on 407 and 4&7 I went as far as the snow allowed. ...  read more

Trail Report March 14,2019

Dad and Ray were out grooming all of our trails yesterday. They saw several sleds out there yesterday and every one was happy and having a good time! We have a wheel assembly that the rubber is coming off. They stopped a couple of times to pick up the debris. We had been watching it and had just received ...  read more

Trail Report March 9, 2019

I just got back from grooming last night. I groomed all of our trails. They are looking pretty nice at this point. I saw that both Chittenden and Mount Holly  were out after the snow the night before last. Today is the pick of the weekend to ride, so go and enjoy the nice trails!

This is a photo ...  read more

Trail Report March 7, 2019

Dad and Ray are long time grooming buddies!

Dad and Ray were out smoothing up our trails yesterday. They said there is ice on the trail going to the Notch Parking lot. I will get more info on that. The trails are nice so go for a ride. They saw lots of sleds on the trails!


We had to swap out the alternator yesterday because it ...  read more

Trail Report March 3, 2019.

I just got back from grooming all night. I groomed all of our trails some 2 times as there were some aggressive snowmobilers out there last night. every thing looked good this morning. The sun is trying to come out so go and have a good time.

I  want to thank my wife Cindy for bringing me a needle ...  read more

A photo from yesterday.

Winter on our Upper Trail February 26, 2019

Dad took this photo yesterday when he and Ray were out grooming. I looks a lot different than what I see here in Rutland. It is a winter wonderland!

Trail Report February 27, 2019

Dad and Ray were out again grooming up as much of our trails as possible. They had to clear some trees due to the high winds we have been having. The trails, where they could go, are looking good . It would be nice to get a little more snow especially in the Mendon and watershed area. It ...  read more

Trail Report February 23, 2019

Dad and I were out grooming what we could again yesterday. The upper trails all look good all the way to almost RD 650. It got slim there. Again the trails are snow covered there through to US Route 4 but very slim so we turned around to not scrape them to dirt or ice. They can not get too bumpy because ...  read more

Trail Report February 14, 2019

Dad and I were out grooming our trails today.The trails up high are looking good.  The snow starts getting slim around RD 651 on 407 and half way between RD 65 and 650 on 4&7. That is where we turned around because we did not want to expose dirt or ice. There was snow but nut much in ...  read more

Trail Report February 9, 2019

I was out trying to groom our trails today. They were really hard and icy in spots. Where they are good they are good, but where the snow gets thin they can be ugly. The trails up high are good. I went on 407 as far as the red gate just past the intersection of the cross trail and 407. On 4&7 ...  read more