Meeting and trail update from our last work day

Our next meeting is November 9 at the Southside Restaurant  starting at 7:00pm. Hope to see you there!

I just realized that I did not post any thing about the last work day. We had a good turn out. Jeff and Scott Ballard, John, Mark, Adrian, Doc, and Dave with his excavator. We debrushed the cross trail from RD 651 to RD65 and the debrushed  407 all the way to the road system. Dave went all the way to the intersection at RD 649. Scott and Jeff also went all the way to the parking lot. So at that time our trail system was all checked over. We have had wind since then and Dave and Doc cleared one down tree the day they were out looking for a trail relocation. Thankfully Dick Howe granted us permission to relocate a small section to get off another land owners land as the other land owner was reluctant to sign the land owner form. We could not wait any longer winter is coming. This issue just popped up. Dave said it should not take more than 1/2 day to change it. Thank you Dave for your hard work!  Here are some photos and there are more on our SmugMug page.

Jeff, Dave, and Scott

We needed to move the trail just that short distance. The streamer tape is the new corner.

John, Mark and Adrian

The streamer tape to the left is where we will bare of the old trail.The top of the hill is in sight.