A Nice April Shot of 4 Sleds at the Stone House

4 Sleds and the Stone House


An anonymous person uploaded this great shot of the Stone House to our SmugMug site. We ask the photographer to use the comments under the photo to add some details to describe the photo. It looks like the end of a cloudy day but I’m only guessing.

Let this photo inspire you to upload your own photos from this past year. Also, some time ago, Roy sent out an invitation to upload any old time shots of snowmobiling you may have to go in the Photos from Years Past gallery. Now that you’ve put away your sled for the season, we hope you may have a chance to scan some of your favorites showing off sleds from a earlier time. So far the gallery only has shots of earlier grooming equipment. It really needs some sled shots.

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  1. Thanks for all you do on the trail system..was a great winter for riding..

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