Sherwsbury Sno-Birds Trails March 2, 2012

Up at midnight and dad and I went out grooming. The trails up high have 12+ inches of new snow. We groomed every thing up high plus the Grouse Hill North Road { 7 south from the 4 and 7 intersection at RD68 about a mile to the log landing} and The CCC Road from RD67 to the plowed section in North Shrewsbury. The Green Mountain Snowfliers asked us to do this for them.We went as far as 2+ miles north of RD65 on 4&7 and about 1.5 miles north of RD 651 on 407. We stopped because the snow was getting really thin. I hope we don’t get alot of rain tonight and tomorrow. Get out and ride while you can! There are open waterbars in some spots and I saw where riders had problems with some ditches that might normally be filled with snow so Ride Safely and Ride Right!