Shrewsbury Parade!

I thought that I would give you an update on how it went.  Dave put his Snow Coach on his trailer and his two sleds on another. Scott Ballard and myself helped clean the vehicles and put one of our signs on the truck and American Flags on the trailer ramps. The mice ate our banner so we could not use that. But I think our club quite respectable and the children really liked the snow coach, I heard one say look at that camper! It was a very short parade but the three of us thought it was important to be there. Mike Stewart was heading it up but he had a medical issue so he was not able to help. We all hope he gets well soon!

On Saturday Dave, Ray and I attended the 51st Annual Meeting in Ennosburg Falls. We looked at the new equipment and visited with fellow VAST members. The meeting was quick and simple, the awards took up most of the time. The food was good and Dave and I was back to my shop by 4:35 I think. The photos look better on our smumug page. I hope to be able to transfer them to my posts soon!