Shrewsbury Trails April 4, 2012

We are locking the gates and takeing down the signs. This is the earlyist that we have done this that I can remember. Some one stole two signs that we had made up for closing the CCC Road . They were expensive to have made and we would like them back, no questions asked, just give them back. I don’t believe it was a snowmobiler, as there was vehicle traffic in the area with the lack of snow and not much mud in the area and the gate on the road was ripped apart last fall. If any one knows the person ask them to give them back! I want to thank  Dave Fucci, Scott Ryan, and JR Bove with the help of putting up the signs and opening and closing gates and other trail work this winter. I also want to thank my dad Gary Arthur with the help of groomer maintence, even in sub zero temps, and grooming  and trail maintence in this real snowless winter. We will be posting  trail work sesions as they are planed.  Hope to have your help this summer. Roy Arthur-Trails Coordinator.