Sno-Birds Trails

I was up in Shrewsbury on Saturday and Sunday. There was 5″ of snow at the groomer shed. I wanted to go out and pack the snow but there was not enough, I would be hurting the trails Dad and I felt so I did not go out. I am hoping to go out later this week if we get a little more snow. Our trails are not closed but you need to ride with caution as there is very low snow conditions and wet areas. The gate a McLaughlin Falls is closed but not locked so just open it if you are riding through. I will open it when we get more snow we are trying to keep vehicles out for now. The Tin Shanty Gate is still locked but you can get around it with a sled. All other gates are open. The groomer is fueled and ready to go, we are just waiting for mother nature to help us. Think Snow!